portuguese skating federation and alentejo and algarve skating association working together with Team Iceshow agree on the last details to make "freestyle" an official and FEDERATED sport in Portugal.


RUI MATEUS President of the Ass. Pateamento Alentejo e Algarve stated that:
"... Nowadays, there are countless informal skaters in Portugal who meet in a free or organized way to enjoy that extraordinary feeling of freedom ... that the activity of skating offers.
Attentive to this reality, the FPP and APAA see in the plan they developed with the IceShow Freestyle Association of Faro an excellent opportunity to bring these skaters closer to the federated structure and to be able to collaborate in the expansion of Freestyle's sporting, recreational and social potential in our country. ... "

In this horizon of integration, the President of the Portuguese Skating Federation (Dr. Luis Sénica) and the President of the Alentejo and Algarve Skating Association (Architect Rui Mateus) "wore the ICESHOW jersey" and gave us the honor of doing so. opening of the V National Meeting of Inline Skating, organized by Iceshow in partnership with the Sport Division of the Municipality of Faro and with the IPDJ Algarve covered by the National Program for Sport for All.

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Sta. Iria MARKET 


This year, Team Iceshow again had the privilege and the honor of being represented at the Feira de Sta. Iria, side by side, with the most representative associations and companies in the municipality. As soon as the 5th National Skating Meeting in Faro ended, we had to reorganize and regroup to be able to be present at this event.

The truth is that, since it is a highly visible fair, it brings with it countless visitors who, when passing by the Iceshow stand, will be able to better understand our offer to the citizens of Faro and surroundings.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The Direction Iceshow thanks all those who collaborated in this initiative, offering for the shifts at the stand!

We are a family owned and operated business.

A deep thanks also to Ambifar for their generosity in creating all the conditions for opening our stand.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Thanks also to all visitors to our stand.




That was how the 5th National Skating Meeting in Faro ended
With the IPDJ super support, from the CMF Camara Municipal de Faro, the FPP Portuguese Skating Federation and the APAA Skating Association of Alentejo and Algarve, and in the presence of hundreds of happy Freestylers on skates.

Thank you all !

The Direction of the Iceshow Team, deeply thanks all the skaters, partners, partners and others who somehow collaborated in the realization of our event and who helped to make this edition more concrete.

We leave here a note of gratitude to all visiting teams, which were many, who strongly and joyfully marked their presence at this Meeting.

Deeply grateful !!

Credits: Be it Social - our communication partner

Hii !! everybody !

As Chairman of the Iceshow Team, I address all those who love sports and in particular those who love skating, in any of its forms. I address myself in particular, for the increased responsibility they represent, to our Iceshow partners.


We have ahead of us next weekend, starting on October 12 and ending on 13, another challenging task, but also an opportunity to make inline skating shine in Portugal in its various forms.

This team started with three and today we are almost three hundred. It wasn't always easy, but we always believed that we could add something positive to the skating scene in Portugal. Today, with some successes achieved, we see that small groups of freestyle skaters flourish here and there, some just out of passion.

After thousands of hours of demonstrations here and there, after thousands of hours of training even on the street, in the rain or in the sun, in public demonstrations that are sometimes tired or less well prepared, endless hours of filming and video editing and dissemination by networks millions of shares to make followers of this form of skating. Four years after the foundation, our team Iceshow begins to be identified, recognized and respected, for their free work and their devotion to skating. Never neglecting safety, looking for learning and without losing sight of the fun and pleasure of skating.


Freestyle skating is now the order of the day in Portugal.
We feel responsible for having contributed as strongly as we could in this regard. We created a project, a vision, and we continued with our mission. We grew up with difficulties and without income, without selling ourselves but independent, far from politics, from bureaucratic combats, tracing our way avoiding favoring some to the detriment of others.


I believe I can proudly say that a lot has changed thanks to Team Iceshow.

But, after all, all of this was only possible thanks to teamwork, assertive work, an effort by many to benefit many more.
The next 12th, is once again our day, the day of all those to whom we give our children for a few hours at Iceshow and with whom we must collaborate.
And, we must collaborate because this is the best form of gratification we can have for this Team.
We must collaborate because it is at Iceshow that many young people spend many hours of their youth, adolescence, grow up, and become better women and men.
We must collaborate because Iceshow also help parents to provide the education they dream of giving their children. Yes, we are there for that too! It is part, it is said.

We owe this contribution to Iceshow, because as adults, this team also supports us, helps us, opens up horizons and connects us to bridges.

So, I leave this frank message here, asking you strongly to join us on Saturday afternoon, October 12th, at 2 pm at Pav. D. Afonso III and see what we do. Come skating and stay for dinner. We are the ones who need your support that day.
Yes, because this is the day of the skate, it is the day of your children, grandchildren or nephews.
It's your day!


Houuuáááá !!!



XL Day

Experience ICESHOW 

In a partnership with IPDJ and the Municipality of Loulé, a few dozen young people from the summer camps:

"Holidays for all XL", on this date they had an XL experience with our skating, with our skates and with our skating games.

# After all, skating is SAFE!

We are a family owned and operated business.

Some instructors and other guest freestylers from Germany (IFK) help us to conduct this initiative. Thank you from the heart, guys!